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The Story...

After Jumping through the victorian portal Cassie and Whisky find themselves in the hull of a rugged sailing ship. As they venture up to the bridge they are seized by the crew and accused of being stowaways or spies for the EITC! They are taken to Captain Black Claw (a gruff looking black and silver wolf with all clear claws aside from one black fore claw) to plead their case. Luckily, with a bit of smooth talking Whisky and Cassie manage to negotiate their way out of walking the plank. Captain Black Claw agrees to take them as far as his next stop, The Isle of Furtola. Furtola just so happens to be the pirate capital of the world. A place full of boundless opportunities for games, dancing, friends, and even treasure if you know just where to look. Once docked our newly minted privateers disembark the Black Curl and must scorer the island in search of their own treasure, a portal to their next adventure!

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