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Guests of Honor

JD Puppy.png

JD Puppy has been in the fandom for a WHILE (since 2004!) and has worn a lot of hats since joining - a fursuiter, artist, dancer, emcee, streamer, and more! By day, JD is a former CPA and provides financial consulting to small businesses in the Chicago area. In his free time, JD enjoys playing board games with friends where he lives in Chicago as well as streaming roguelikes and puzzle video games on Twitch ( JD is also one of the owners of Furry Logic, which brings escape room entertainment to conventions and events all across the country! JD is thrilled to be a Guest of Honor at Bewhiskered this year!

photo_2023-08-03 20.38.13.jpeg

This salty sea dog's name is Kaptain! Kaptain is a pirate furry who's been sailing around the fandom since 2006. They are an avid con-goer, having been to around 50 conventions since 2009, and are a total party hound. Kaptain found their place in the fandom through fursuiting, commissioning all kinds of pirate art of their fursona, making shitposts on social media, and overall doing their best to be an uplifting and positive force for everyone they meet near and far. While they're not a streamer or content creator independently, they've enjoyed being featured in several streams and YouTube videos with friends, including participating in charity events like Furs For Life. 


Outside the fandom, Kaptain has been working as an inpatient Registered Nurse for 9 years, including working closely to treat and care for Covid patients since the beginning of the pandemic. Guess you can call them an Arr-N! Kaptain also enjoys going to local Renaissance festivals and will take advantage of any opportunity to dress up in pirate garb!

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