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Scavenger Hunt

Ahoy Maties! on a quest for treasure?! Well let me assist you on your journey. 


On the mystical Isle Of Furtola, great treasure buried. To seek this fortune, not a decision to be hurried. Many have searched, to no avail. Adventure you seek? you'll find in good measure. Really, we all know you're after the treasure. A ship in Hilton Harbor is signing on crew. Brave with sea-legs? The'll take you, too. 

Once the specified item has been located, snap a photograph with it and scan its QR code for your next clue!

Once all 6 clues have been solved seek out the official BWS booth in the marketplace to share your findings and retrieve your plunder! If you finish from 5pm - 9pm on Sunday, come to con-ops instead. 

Good Luck!

-Master Cartographer Suki 

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