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Member Code Of Conduct

Last Edited 2023-04-02 - Version 4



This North Carolina Anthropomorphic Society Inc. (“NCAS”, also the “Organization”) Member
Code of Conduct is in place to ensure that all members may enjoy our events safely and to
foster an environment of mutual trust and respect.


This Code of Conduct is in effect for any Member of NCAS for as long they maintain
Membership. This includes both virtual and in-person conduct: 1) while attending any NCAS
sponsored or affiliated event and 2) outside of any NCAS sponsored or affiliated event for as
long as Membership is maintained.

Additions and Addenda

Additional Code(s) of Conduct documents or Event Rules may be applied in addition to or in
addendum to regulations in this document depending on the tier of membership or other roles
held within NCAS. In such a case as a conflict arises between such documents and this one,
the addition or addendum shall supersede regulations of this document. In such a case as
addenda conflict with each other, the superseding regulation shall be that which is from the most
relevant role in regards to the situation or violation. Any questions or uncertainty on what
regulation is in effect should be directed to the Policy Contact listed at the beginning of this


In general, any action which severely and adversely impacts NCAS events, venues, members,
staff, volunteers, or the public is prohibited and is a violation of the Code(s) of Conduct.
The following actions are prohibited and constitute a violation of the NCAS Member Code of
Conduct. Any member found to have committed a violation of these conduct regulations is 

subject to the sanctions outlined in this Code. A claim of lack of awareness of any Code of
Conduct or related procedures does not excuse any violations of such.
       1. Personal
                  a. Disorderly Conduct
Examples of disorderly conduct include but are not limited to the following:
                             i. Engaging in conduct that disrupts or obstructs the orderly functioning of NCAS events,                                           including but not limited to:
                                    1. Shouting excessively above general area volume.
                                    2. Noises or music excessively above general area volume.
                                    3. Sitting in walkways or other areas of movement, ingress, and egress.

                             ii. Physical abuse, battery, fighting, and/or other physical contact that:
                                    1. Threatens or endangers the health or safety of another person.
                                    2. Puts another in reasonable apprehension or fear for their safety.
                                    3. Is used to coerce Organization membership.
                             iii. Verbal abuse, whether vocal or in text communication, threats, intimidation, harassment,                                     coercion, bullying/cyber bullying, and/or other conduct that:
                                   1. Threatens or endangers the health or safety of another person.
                                   2. Puts another in reasonable apprehension or fear for their safety.
                                   3. Is so severe or pervasive that it deprives an individual the benefits of any membership                                            event or activity.
                                   4. Is used to coerce Organization membership.
                             iv. Conduct or behavior that is obscene, including but not limited to public exposure of one’s                                     own sexual organs and voyeurism, including, but not limited to, video or other electronic                                     voyeurism.
                               v. Failure to comply with directions of NCAS event officials, moderators, or law
                                   enforcement officers acting in the performance of their duties. Failure to identify oneself
                                   to these persons when requested to do so.
                             vi. Intentional obstruction that unreasonably interferes with freedom of movement or
                                  emergency egress (pedestrian or vehicular) on event grounds.
                           vii. Sleeping or camping in unapproved locations.
                          viii. Entering an athletic contest, dance, social, or other NCAS event without the proper
                                  credentials for admission (e.g., ticket, identification, invitation).
                             ix. Circulating any advertising media without approval from proper NCAS officials or in a
                                  manner that violates or is contrary to policies of NCAS and state or local law.
                              x. Unauthorized recordings (audio/visual/other related devices) without permission of the
                                  applicable NCAS official or individual being recorded. In recognition and support of the
                                  First Amendment of the United States Constitution, freedom of speech and expression
                                  shall be considered in investigating and reviewing these types of alleged conduct

                  b. Other personal behavior policies
                               i. Expression. NCAS is a private Organization. As such, acceptability of speech/expression is
                                  at the Organization’s discretion. This means you can not use the “Free Speech and
                                  Expression” exemption to defend obscene, vulgar, discriminatory, or otherwise uncouth
                                  speech or expression.
                             ii. Sexual Misconduct: Please keep all consensual acts behind closed doors. Public displays
                                 of affection in excess of what would be considered acceptable in a public space are strictly
                                 prohibited in any general venue.
                  c. Acts of Dishonesty
                      Members of NCAS are expected to engage in their business in an ethical,
                      honest manner. Do not misrepresent yourself or NCAS in any way. Examples of specific
                      prohibited actions include but are not limited to the following:
                               i. Willfully furnishing false information about or to NCAS, its members, affiliates, etc.
                              ii. Forgery, alteration, or misuse of any NCAS Documents, records, or instruments of
                            iii. Causing, condoning, or encouraging the dishonest completion of any NCAS records,
                                  documents, or forms, printed or otherwise.
                            iv. Offering or causing to be offered any bribe or favor to an NCAS Staff, Volunteer, or Voting
                                 member in order to influence a decision.

                  d. Illegal Actions
                       No illegal activities, as defined by local, state, or federal law, are permitted by
                       NCAS. Any and all illegal activities will be reported to the authorities and are grounds for
                       sanctions up to and including IMMEDIATE revocation of membership.
                               i. No alcohol for those under 21. No illegal drugs as defined by the State of
                                  North Carolina and the US Federal Government. No prescription drugs shall be in the
                                  possession of those who do not have a prescription for said drugs. This includes ingestion
                                  or otherwise “using” said drugs. Violation(s) of this policy will result in a call to the police
                                  and an ejection from the event space.
                             ii. Do not destroy or damage the event facilities, or any property belonging to NCAS. NCAS is
                                  not responsible for any damage you cause to any event facilities or property.
                             iii. All forms of gambling are prohibited unless authorized by state law, the venue, and NCAS,
                                  and only as provided explicitly in the event rules.
                  e. Harassment
                       NCAS aims to provide a safe space in which all attendees can feel welcome and
                       secure, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, religion, or
                       age. If consent is not expressly given or is revoked, it is harassment. We have a zero-tolerance
                       stance on harassment, and will investigate all such claims seriously and thoroughly.
                               i. Scope. Harassment of any kind, including, but not limited to, physically or verbally
                                   threatening, annoying, unwelcome attentions, stalking, pushing, lewd or generally
                                   offensive behavior or language using sexually explicit or offensive language of conduct, or
                                   profanity, obscene gestures or racial, religious, or ethic slurs will be considered
                                   harassment. Harassment over email, Telegram, Discord, or other digital platforms will be
                                   given the same weight as in-person harassment.
                              ii. Hazing. NCAS does not condone hazing in any form. Hazing is defined as any intentional,
                                   negligent, or reckless action, activity or situation that causes or has the potential to cause
                                   another pain, embarrassment, ridicule, or harassment, regardless of the individual’s
                                   willingness to participate. Such actions and situations include, but are not limited to, the
                                           1. Forcing or requiring the consumption or deprivation of edible or non-edible solids,
                                                liquids, alcohol or other substance.
                                           2. Forcing or requiring nudity or other acts of intimacy at any time.
                                           3. Forcing or requiring the violation of NCAS policies, Venue or Event rules, federal,
                                                state or local law.

                             iii. Sexual Harassment: A Member of NCAS may not engage in unwelcome sexual advances or
                                   conduct towards another Member, NCAS Staff, Volunteer, Venue Staff, Patron, or any
                                   others not defined in this document. Sexual Harassment includes, but is not limited to,
                                   inappropriate or unwelcome:
                                           1. Comments (verbal or non-verbal, such as sign language) or gestures.
                                           2. Physical contact.
                                           3. Photography and/or recording.
                                           4. Handling of others’ cosplay, costumes, props or personal property.
       2. Representation:
            Misrepresentation or Impersonation of NCAS representatives, its events, its partners, or its affiliates is
            prohibited. Official representation is not to be conducted without prior explicit written consent from
            NCAS. Examples of specific prohibited actions include but are not limited to the following:
                  a. Use, modification, or distribution of Organization intellectual property without prior
                  b. Falsely representing Organizational roles, policies or status.
                  c. Accepting money or other items of value on behalf of NCAS, its events, its partners, or other
                  d. Invoicing or billing anyone on behalf of NCAS, the event, the charity, or other partner(s).
                             i. Do not spend money expecting to be reimbursed by the Organization without prior
                                 approval in writing. NCAS is not obligated to reimburse members for funds spent without
                                 prior and explicit authorization.
                  e. Members may not authorize an individual, group, or entity not under the direction and control
                       of NCAS to act as representatives of NCAS in any form or format.
       3. Event Specific:
            Some regulations, such as below, are specified as a baseline across all NCAS events. These
            regulations can be added to, amended, or excepted if explicitly stated within posted Event Rules for a
            particular NCAS hosted or affiliated event.

                  a. Tobacco, Vape, and Alcohol consumption.
                              i. Consumption of tobacco products, including vapes, will not be allowed outside of a
                                  venue’s marked smoking area.
                             ii. Consumption of alcoholic products are only allowed in venue approved areas, including
                                  hotel rooms.

                  b. Weapons.
Except as permitted by law, location, and event rules, possessing weapons as defined in this
                       regulation is strictly prohibited.
                              i. Prohibited devices include but are not limited to firearms, ammunition, explosives,
                                 dangerous chemicals, air guns, sling shots, zip guns, knives with a blade of two inches or
                                 more from hilt to blade tip, knives having a switchblade or automatic blade opener,
                                 blackjacks, bolo knives, machetes, swords, spears, any club-type hand weapons,
                                 pyrotechnics, throwing stars, nunchucks, throwing knives, or any objects or materials
                                 capable of causing and/or used by the offending person to cause or threaten physical

                  c. Attire and Costumes.
Clothing, attire, costume elements, or apparel that is disruptive, provocative, revealing, profane,
                      vulgar, offensive, obscene, or unsafe is prohibited. This includes:
                              i. Exposed undergarments.
                             ii. See-through or excessively short, tight, or revealing clothes.
                            iii. Clothing with lewd, indecent or vulgar messages or illustrations.
                            iv. Clothing that advertises products or services that are illegal.
                             v. Chains, spikes or other accessories that could be perceived as or used as a weapon.
                            vi. Any costume or attire so large, heavy, or cumbersome that the wearer cannot safely move
                                 without the aid of another person.
                  d. Police and Military Cosplay.
                       The following cosplay is prohibited:
                              i. Cosplay patterned off of any uniform actively used by a police department or military, or
                                 any uniform that may be reasonably mistaken as such, including recent historic
                             ii. Cosplay patterned off of any uniform relating to a government, movement, regime, or hate
                                 group that is advocating for, has advocated for, or has carried out the restriction of human
                                 rights or hate crimes.
                  e. Props.
Props are generally permissible, however care must be taken in designing or selecting
                       props to carry at our events. The following are prohibited unless prior written exception is
                       obtained before bringing it into event space.
                              i. Any prop that can release a projectile of any kind, even squirt guns.
                             ii. Any prop that can be easily mistaken for a real weapon.
                            iii. Any bow/arrow or similar string tension combination that will allow the flight of a
                            iv. Any prop so large that a single person cannot safely carry it without endangering others,
                                 damaging property, or create a tripping hazard if set down.

                  f. Solicitation.
                     Unauthorized solicitation generates excess waste, can detract from members’ enjoyment of
                     events, and can potentially infringe on the rights or privacy of a member. As such, the following
                     actions are prohibited without prior written consent of NCAS or its affiliates:
                              i. Market research, surveys, or other methods of information-gathering.
                             ii. Distribution of flyers, handouts, or other informational material.
                            iii. Solicitation of tips, fees, or donations for any reason.



The following are actions and behavior that are strongly encouraged and expected of Members.
While we do not generally enact sanctions for not performing the below activities, failing to do
them may result in a violation of the regulations in the sections above. We find the below
activities and behavior crucial to enjoying your position as a Member as well as attending our
       1. Self Care
Pushing yourself to the limit is not a badge of honor; a rested and comfortable member is a happy
                  a. Sanitation
NCAS Venues provide restrooms for a reason; please use them accordingly. If an event venue
                       does not provide a restroom, it is your responsibility to take appropriate measures. Please keep
                       in mind that hygiene is not just for your benefit, it is for everyone else as well. Soap is provided
                       for a reason, please use it.
                  b. Sustenance
Eat when you need to. Sustaining yourself on cookies and soda is not advisable. Please eat
                       according to your dietary needs and get the proper amount of nutrition to sustain you.
                       Hydration is vital. Alcohol does not count. Please ensure you maintain a proper, healthy
                       level of hydration by drinking water.
                  c. Sleep
Sleeping is important; please do not neglect getting the proper amount of sleep.

       2. Consent
Please get consent before touching any person or their property; this includes NCAS equipment and
             the property of our venues. If it’s not yours or explicitly stated, ask first before touching.
       3. Ethical Conduct
            Please act with integrity, honesty, respect, and kindness to everyone, this is for the good of the
            event/Organization, as well as your fellow sentient creatures.
       4. Personal Property 
            Please keep track of your personal belongings. NCAS, our venues, our partners, and our affiliates are
            not responsible or liable for any damage to or theft of personal property or vehicles. Keep an diligent
            eye on your belongings and take precautions to prevent them from being damaged or stolen.


Health and Safety

Membership with NCAS and attendance at NCAS events may be subject to additional provisions requiring that members either engage in or refrain from certain behaviors during situations which can materially affect the health and safety of its members, staff, volunteers, contractors/liaisons, or the general public. Violating these provisions constitutes a violation of the NCAS Member Code of Conduct.


Such situations and provisions include, but are not limited to:
       1. Sickness or Epidemic
            In the event of an outbreak of a communicable disease with the potential to pose a risk to attendees
            at an event, NCAS members are expected to practice common courtesy and cleanliness. Even
            without an outbreak, we ask that members adhere to these provisions if they begin to feel ill while at
            one of our events.
                  a. Hand Washing
Members must make an effort to wash their hands frequently, especially before meals. In
                       particular, we recommend following the CDC guidelines [1].
                  b. Masks
Members must wear effective masks in the event of an outbreak of respiratory transmitted
                       illness. While the effectiveness of a specific mask is hard to quantify, the style and material of
                       the mask worn must be recommended for use against the illness in question by the NCDHHS
                       [2], CDC [3], or WHO [4]. Masks must be worn properly, following all recommendations by the
                       prior listed organizations, and cover the nose and mouth.
                  c. Covering Your Coughs
Regardless of whether you are wearing a mask, members must make sure to cover their mouth
                       with a tissue or elbow. Do not use your hand. Members may wish to follow the
                       CDC guidelines [5].
                  d. Social Distancing
                       Social contact is a factor in the spread of disease. Members must make an effort to maintain
                       social distancing by limiting physical interactions like handshakes and hugs.
                  e. Sanitization
Members should take care to wipe down shared equipment and other objects after use. Please
                       remain cognizant that shared equipment may have been handled by someone prior to you.


Registered Sex Offenders (RSOs)

Registered sex offenders are not permitted to hold membership with NCAS.


NCAS reserves the right to suspend or revoke, without refund, access to event spaces, attendance passes, or even memberships at any level. If any individual violates these regulations, breaks the rules of an NCAS event, or permits or encourages another to do so, they may be barred from the event, from as little as an hour up to the remainder of the event or even subsequent events. If an individual’s access, attendance, or membership is revoked they will be asked to leave any active NCAS event space immediately. If this request is refused or ignored the Organization will contact law enforcement to report criminal trespass and the individual will be banned from any future NCAS event or function.

If the individual breaks the law – city, state or federal – they will be reported to the authorities and NCAS will assist those authorities as the Organization is legally able to do so.

Responsibility and Indemnification

Damage to venues and equipment owned by or contracted to NCAS, harm to another individual, or any other action which may result in a fine, fee, or charge levied is expressly prohibited. Members agree to indemnify NCAS and are responsible for any fine, fee, or charge resulting from their actions or the actions of a minor that they are responsible for during or in relation to an NCAS event. Further, members agree to hold harmless NCAS, its venues, its vendors, its contractors, and its content hosts from any claim for personal injuries or other damages or equity arising from attending NCAS events or in utilizing NCAS hosted services.


These Code(s) of Conduct may be modified from time to time by the NCAS Board of Directors,
or any committee of the Board appointed to maintain the NCAS Code(s) of Conduct. Members
are responsible for maintaining familiarity with the current Code(s) of Conduct. Acceptance and
agreement is required to maintain membership and attendance at NCAS events. The current
NCAS Member Code(s) of Conduct can be found at

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