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Fursuit Photo & Parade

parade Map.png

Above is the route for the parade.

In the event of inclement weather, see our social media accounts for an alternate route.


Staging for the Fursuit Photo

Main Events will open to fursuiters at 2:30pm. Arrivals before 2:30 will be asked to queue in the University Foyer by our safety team while the hotel finishes preparing the University Ballroom for the photo. Once the room is open, our safety staff will begin directing the queue into the room. Please listen to their instructions to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for everyone. 


You do not need to rush! We will wait at least until 2:45 to take the photo, although we expect staging to take longer than that. Be aware that we will take the photo as soon as staging is complete or after 2:45, whichever comes later.


Due to fire code, we may not be able to stage all fursuiters in main events. Our safety team will close the doors for the photo to take place once the room has reached capacity. If you miss the photo, you may still participate in the parade.


Things to keep in mind while gathering for the photo: 

 • Please be on time!

 • Please try to keep the volume in the room to a minimum if possible to help everyone coordinate.


Participating in the Fursuit Parade

As soon as the photo is done we will file out of the room, through the hotel, out the backdoor, along the sidewalk, and back into the hotel through the Trinity entrance. Once back in the Main Events Room please move fully into the room and be sure to not block the door. 


You are welcome to grab some water and rest once back in main events, but we do ask that you move to the fursuit lounge or back to your hotel room if able to make space for the remaining suiters trying to end the parade.


At 4pm, our hotel will begin moving chairs to transition the main events room to the setup for the next event.

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