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Challenge Coins

Bewhiskered 2023 Treasure Coins!

What’s a pirate treasure without a heap of fabulous coins? Get your paws on these limited-edition, BWS 2023 commemorative art coins before they’re history! AND, each coin is not just cool memorabilia: they are uniquely functional as well! Check it out:

• The Captains’ Duel 
A simple game of honor between two coin-holders. Pick a secret avatar and find out who wins in a rumble, or in a race. 

The Oracle’s Wheel 

Do you really want to know the future. You may find more than you bargain for with this intricate fortune-telling tool.


Captains’ Duel

On the open sea, conflict within the crew can be more hazardous than between rival ships. But itdoesn’t have to be. In fact, resolving issues can be a game.

Imagine a minor question between two sailors: who’s turn is it to fetch today’s rations for the table? Rather than drawing blades, they could play by Roshambo, most famously known as Rock-Paper-Scissors. But, knowing each other so well, they often tire of ties and mismatches.

Here enters the “Captains’ Duel,” similar to Roshambo-style games, but with more variety... and a twist. First things first: two players are required, each with their own coin.

On the back of your coin, nestled in the outer ring of the seven-pointed helm wheel, are multiple footprints, each (with some license) representing different species in our furry community, and each with varying strengths and weaknesses relative to each other. For example:


Squirrel. Human. Rabbit.


Domestic dog. Domestic cat. Hyena. Leopard. Lynx.


Reptile. Dragon. Racoon. Beaver. Lemur. Hedgehog. Bear.


Deer. Giraffe. Unicorn. Goat. Boar. Bovine. Moose.




Fox. Wolf. Lion. Tiger. Badger. Meerkat.


Lama. Horse. Donkey. Zebra. Pig.

Each player, acting as a “Captain,” selects one of these avatars as their personal champion in a contest. The coins then quickly reveal the result.

To play:

1. Face each other across a table or other flat surface.

2. Place your coins close to each other on the table, with the helm wheel showing.

3. Shield your coin from your opponent’s view.

4. Select any species as your champion avatar, and rotate it to the top of your coin so that it’sclosest to your opponent. But don’t show anyone.

5. When both players are ready, the player that initiated the game asks “Rumble or Race?”and the player being challenged replies with their choice.

6. Simultaneously show your coins, then slide your coins together so your champion avatars make contact (or if virtual, just announce your selections).

7. Look at your opponent’s avatar and find it on your own coin…

• If their avatar is the same as yours, it’s a rare tie. Try again.

• If it’s a Rumble:

o If their avatar is on the <<<LEFT arc of your coin, as if sneaking up behind you, they win the combat.

o If their avatar is on the RIGHT>>> arc of your coin, with you behind them, YOU WIN.

• If it’s a Race, the outcomes are reversed:

o If their avatar is on the <<<LEFT arc of your coin, as if trailing behind you on the path, YOU WIN the race.

o If their avatar is on the RIGHT>>> arc of your coin, farther ahead on the path, they win.

The key to victory is to properly guess which species your opponent may favor, and on which side of your coin they will appear. But, take heed: a crafty opponent may guess your guess of their guess of your guess, etc.

You earn extra bragging rights if you can explain the little story of how your avatar won. Like, how in Neptune’s name does a dog win a rumble with a dragon?

The Oracle’s Wheel

Do you really want to know the future? The Oracle sees it so that you can seize it... if you know how to read her wheel.

Inscribed on the inner ring of the coin’s back, within the seven-pointed helm wheel, are seven symbols of mystic divination. The words below will initiate you into their practice, so that hopefully, your fate can be claimed... or avoided.

1. Keep your coin with you. The closer the longer the lovingly the better. Let it steep in your vibe.

2. Hold you question tightly, but your coin loosely. Ask your question as you roll the coin in your fingers, turning it round and round, and flipping it edge over edge. Take care though: the fates speak timidly, secretly – look to the distant horizon and not the coin itself.

3. Think of the answer you already suspect, even if not the one you prefer, and let it fall away from you, like an anchor unchained.

4. Breathe deeply and hold the wheel before you in the light.

5. Now, look there, at the topmost symbol:



Yes, Correct, Complete, Smooth sailing.


All is in flux. Provide time for things to clarify.


No. Blocked. Explore a different path.


Ah, your heart already knows. Follow it.


That preferred answer, perhaps, with a twist.


Reframe your question. Old ideas cloud you.


Consult an expert. And listen.

6. Allow yourself an instant to truly believe the answer. Then, you will find a most amazing thing: it isn’t the future the Oracle reveals, but something more valuable...

If done with focus, sincerity, and a receptive mind, the Oracle’s answer will spark a feeling in you. Excitement? Relief? Disappointment, perhaps? Listen! This feeling reveals how you resonate with the Oracle’s answer. Learn from your reaction and then make your own fate, better prepared with knowledge from your deeper self.

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